Robin Lavitch, MA, CPC

Robin Lavitch owns Surpass Your Goal, a company that coaches, consults and trains business professionals on sensible and absurd elements of human behavior through personality, motivation, body language and communication.

Beginning at the age of 15, Robin naively took her first supervisory role, which began her journey to pinpointing the secrets to success. Through trial and error, a Master’s Degree in Psychology, a Certification as a Professional Coach, and continually biting off more than she could chew, she integrated her rich background as a Dynamic Speaker, University Professor, Mental Health Counselor and Marketing Director, to learn the importance of leveraging strengths.

This philosophy inspires a variety of businesses, specifically doctors and lawyers to taste victory by removing self-imposed obstacles and seizing opportunities. She produces extensive results with her systematic, entertaining and engaging approach to merging psychological principles with business strategies.

Her programs on personality development, body language and persuasion are applied to trial and court communications, human resources, and leadership. Her passion is fueled when others realize their potential and surpass their goals!