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by Donna Arsenault on Surpass Your Goal
Outstanding Team Building

Thanks Robin for working with our team here at Republic Voice & Data. Robin has been coaching our organization since June 2014 and we have outlined and conquered many goals so far. One of which is meeting and exceeding Annual Sales Goals, providing Employees with profit sharing and bonuses, here recently in 2015 we have met our production and team goals for First Quarter. Robin came to our office to help with a team building exercise of Personality Profiling, she also helped us celebrate our First Quarter accomplishments. Robin has made a significant difference here at Republic Voice & Data! Thanks Coach for all you do!

by Catherine on Surpass Your Goal

Robin, you are awesome. Last night was great, what a grand opening session of our Business Builders series. I like the participants a mixture of personalities who will learn a lot from each other (I hope) during the upcoming weeks. I am so glad you will be attending some of the sessions too.

by Rick W. on Surpass Your Goal

Robin, want to thank you for starting the Business Builders Series with the great presentation last night. I believe everyone received great value and it is amazing how you make 2 hours go so quickly. Great job!

by Catherine B. on Surpass Your Goal

Robin you are awesome last night was great what a grand opening session of our Business Builders Series. I like the participants a mixture of personalities who will learn a lot from each other(I hope) during the upcoming weeks. I am so glad you will be attending some of the sessions too.

by Mel C. on Surpass Your Goal

Hi Robin, just want to tell you how I myself and my coworker enjoyed your training. We laugh and tease one another about our DISC.
You were so right about when you initially meet people you look at them differenty now. I went to a baby shower and was aware of the handshake.
Take care and keep doing what you're doing because you truly have a gift. I will share this with family and friends.

by Donna R. on Surpass Your Goal

Dear Robin,

I wanted to drop you a line to thank you again for the great training you put on for us. It continues to reverberate in our offices. It definitely has assisted with working relationships for our staff.
We will get you the non profit donation of service letter and a more personal thank you!
You were low key, informative and also very entertaining!
We so appreciate your time, the training materials and attention to detail.
With warm regards,
Donna & Judy

by Gary M. on Surpass Your Goal

As a painting contractor my number one goal is making sure customer is always happy. Several weeks ago after pressure cleaning a house, there was a lot of paint chips around the house on the ground, which caused the home owner to be very unhappy. I always come back the next day & use a shop vac to remove the chips, but since she was wheel chair bound I didn't want to bother her. The next day she unloaded on me! I am so glad I have been taking Robin's Master Series on Mind The Matters. In seconds I calmed her down & she realized everything was going to be fine. Feelings are a delicate thing, & Robin will help you "Walk the Talk"

Dear Robin, I just wanted to let you know how awesome you are. When we set out to put a marketing plan in place for AAA Bookkeeping & Tax Service, I had no idea where to start. The ?thought was simply overwhelming. The first thing you did was figure out how to communicate with ?me and how I would best respond to your coaching. Then you presented me with an outline that ?was organized and gave me a big picture of the process. Finally, you walked me through week by ?week, and several months later, I had clear marketing strategies for implementing those initiatives. ?Looking back, I realize the talent you had for helping me through this process. When I 'got stuck' ?and was dreading an area, you simply redirected me to another area that you knew I was ready to ?handle. You were flexible enough to bounce around a little to get me through the intimidating pieces? of the plan. Finally, you showed an art for explaining things in more than one way so that if the first explanation didn't sink in, you came at it a different way.

by Jeremy on Surpass Your Goal

I have been working with Robin Lavitch on the four personality types. We meet once a week to ?specifically teach me how to relate to my client, the courts and my employees. Being able to ?recognize a potential client's personality type makes it so much easier to convey the information they? need in a format that they will understand the best. It has also made my office a more cohesive environment. I am able to place my employees in the roles that fit their strengths and convey goals ?and expectations that excite them on the task at hand rather than scare them or bore them. I have ?even taken the training one step further by tailoring my trials around the expectations of the judge,? the comfort level of the witnesses, and the expectations of clients. ??I have attended the Room Full of Referrals and it was, in my opinion, the most beneficial training I ?have ever had. I am going to attend as many times as possible. This is literally one of those secret ?tools that will absolutely increase your business and efficiency. In fact, I am recommending her ?program to the Bar Association and specifically all family law attorneys because I think it can benefit ?all business owners and improve the quality of my profession.

by Krissy on Surpass Your Goal

Hiring Robin Lavitch as a Business Coach in November of 2010 was one of the most strategic business decisions our company has ever made. Since working with Robin, we are much more focused and ?organized when it comes to workflow, time management and day to day tasks. She taught us the importance of defining our specific Target Market, which was previously much too broad. As a result ?of these things and more, we have seen an increase in referrals and profit. We are also more ?energized and have learned how and who to delegate certain things to, so that we can be more ?productive doing the things that we enjoy best. I highly recommend Plan-It Life Coaching to any ?small business needing help with time management, target market focus or referral marketing.

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